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Changes to Step #4

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Step Lines

+[title] Mount OpenEVSE to plate
[* black] Mount OpenEVSE Plus board with 5/8" screws from the top.
[* icon_reminder] Place nylon spacers between OpenEVSE board and mounting plate. Tighten Lock Nuts from the bottom. Do not over tighten.
[* black] Mount Ground block with 2 - 3/4" screws from the bottom. Tighten Lock nuts from the top.
[* icon_caution] Connect OpenEVSE Ground to the ground Block. Ensure connections are secure.
[* black] Crimp Yellow connector to 10AWG wire. Screw to the Fuse block.
[* icon_caution] Ensure crimps are secure. Do not solder connectors designed for crimping. Do not connect and disconnect terminal. If loose, discolored, or damaged replace immediately.