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Step Lines

-[title] Configure Energy Monitoring
-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[title] Service - Energy Monitoring
+[* black] OpenEVSE WiFi can send energy data to the Open Energy Monitor Service (EmonCMS). You can configure:
+ [* icon_note] Default - OpenEVSE Servers at
+ [* icon_note] Optional - Open Energy Monitor Servers at:
+ [* icon_caution] Optional - If you prefer not to use an internet based service and keep data locally. You may setup your own EmonCMS setup using a EmonPi.
+[* black] Click "Enable EmonCMS" in the services tab.
+[* black] Login to EmonCMS at . Click Setup (wrench Icon) => Device Setup
+ [* red] Set node (0 - 9 Reccomended) on both WiFi and "Devices" on Server.
+ [* green] Copy Device Key from EmonCMS to WiFi.

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