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[title] Connect Wifi Module to OpenEVSE board
-[* black] Remove the minimum load resistor (if installed) R28 on the OpenEVSE board v2.5, 3, and 4. Connect the cable to the OpenEVSE Board and Wifi Module. (HUZZAH ESP8266 Breakout board from ADAFRUIT is shown)
-[* black] The header is the common FTDI format.
+[* black] Connect the Red (+) lead of UBEC Power module to the +12v header labeled RELAY 1/2 Common . Connect Black (-) to Ground.
[* black] Pin 1 - Ground (Black)
[* red] Pin 3 - 5v (Red) - 75ma max Higher power devices must use external power.
[* yellow] Pin 4 - Recieve (Yellow) connects to transmit on the remote device.
[* green] Pin 5 - Transmit (Green) connects to receive on the remote device.
-[* icon_reminder] Because both boards use the same pin-out pin 5 and pin 5 must be crossed so transmit on one board connects to receive on the other.
+[* icon_reminder] Connect the the header with both power and data lined (4 of 6 wires) to the Wifi Module. Connect the data only (2 of 6 wires) to the OpenEVSE Board.
[* black] Use alcohol pad to clean enclosure at the desired mount location. When dry remove the plastic on the high temp industrial double sided tape and attach WiFi module to enclosure.

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