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[title] Setup WiFi to connect to your network
-[* black] With a phone or laptop connect to
- [* icon_note] Navigate to Setup => Device Setup Click the Pencil icon to edit. Set Name, Description, Node (0-9), Type "OpenEVSE" and copy your Device Key.
-[* black] Once device is setup connect to OpenEVSE WiFi to configure the WiFi Module:
+[* black] Power on OpenEVSE WiFi to configure the WiFi Module. Using a laptop or phone connect OpenEVSE WiFi:
[* icon_caution] SSID: OpenEVSE_XXXXXXX where X is a random digit --- Password: openevse
[* black] ***Address:*** ***Default Username:*** admin ***Password: ***openevse
- [* icon_note] Enter the SSID and Password of ***YOUR*** access point.
- [* icon_caution] Enter the Device Key, Node (0-9) and set
- [* violet] Click Submit.
+ [* icon_note] Select the SSID and enter the Password of ***YOUR*** WiFi network.
+ [* green] Click Connect

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