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[title] Mounting Plate
[* icon_caution] If your kit contains a Packard C240C contactor, continue here. [guide|8|Guide]
[* black] Position the plate with the 4 holes for the OpenEVSE controller up top and the Earth Ground bus bar on the right.
[* black] Mount hex standoffs to the top side of the plate with 6 mm screws.
[* black] Mount ground bar to the plate with 2 - 5/8" self threading screws.
[* icon_note] Note: The screws from the ground bar packaging are not used.
[* black] Mount the Struthers & Dunn relay using 2 - 1/2" self threading screws.
-[* black] Mount OpenEVSE controller to the hex standoffs with 6mm screws.

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