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Step Lines

-[title] Controller wiring
+[title] Controller Wiring
[* icon_caution] View OpenEVSE v5 Diagram in previous step for wires named below.
[* red] Connect both keyed wiring harnesses to OpenEVSE controller.
[* icon_note] Wire colors may vary.
[* orange] Connect [guide|26|DC Relay 1 GND|stepid=157] (Black) to the bottom middle coil terminal.
[* light_blue] Connect [guide|26|DC Relay C +12v|stepid=157] (Red) to the top middle coil terminal.
[* black] Connect [guide|26|AC INPUT 1|stepid=157] to the bottom left power terminal
[* red] Connect [guide|26|AC INPUT 2|stepid=157] to the top left power terminal.
[* yellow] Connect [guide|26|AC_TEST 1 and 2|stepid=157] to the top and bottom right power terminals.