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Full documentation of RAPI is located in the rapi_proc.h file in the OpenEVSE Source code. The file is located here: rapi_proc.h

The Remote API is a very powerful too for extending OpenEVSE, useful for information, configuration and external applications.

Here are some interesting Set commands:

$SC amp - Set current value in amps. Subject to Mix and Max for each setting min 6A Max 80A.

$SL 1 or 2 or A - set service level L1 /L2 / Auto

Tip you can set Service level 1 set current for L1 then set Service Level 2 and set current. Each has its own setting.

S1 yr mo day hr min sec - Set current time 2 digit value for each hour 24 hour value.

$S0 0 or 1 - Set LCD Type 0 = Monochrome 1 = RGB.

Your contributions are licensed under the open source Creative Commons license.