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1) Connect the Red (+) lead of UBEC Power module to the +12v header labeled RELAY 1/2 Common . Connect the Black (-) lead to the Ground Block.

2) Connect the power and data header (4 of 6 wires) to the Wifi Module.

Pin 1 - Ground (Black) Pin 3 - 5v (Red) - 75ma max (higher power devices must use external power.) Pin 4 - RX Receive (Green) connects to transmit on OpenEVSE Controller. Pin 5 - TX Transmit (Yellow) connects to receive on OpenEVSE controller.

3) Connect the data only header (2 of 6 wires) to the OpenEVSE Board.

From OpenEVSE Controller Green to TX , Yellow to RX

4) Mount the WiFi unit to the desired mount location. Attach the WiFi module to the enclosure.

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