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Mount the water resistant button switch to the enclosure lid, O-ring seal on the outside. Do not over tighten seal, if squeezes out of place the button is too tight.

Test enclosure lid for water tightness. Spray water around the LCD window and button and ensure water does nor leak to the back side of the lid. Adjust as necessary.

Using 4 - 6mm M2.5 screws. Mount LCD module to the lid.

Screws should be secure. Take care not to over tighten.

Connect 4 pin connector to LCD note the color that represents Ground (Green as pictured). Ground pin is labeled (pin closest to board center).

Optional - If installing Wifi, now is a good time to mount. Position to the left of the button with the header pins to the far left.

Optional - Insert a CR1220 or CR1225 coin cell into the battery holder. If using charging station timers this will keep time during power outages.

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