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Organize the low voltage wires (EV Ground, EV Pilot, GFCI coil lead, Current coil lead and the relay coil) and secure with a tie wraps with light tension. Tuck the wires down to the bottom of the enclosure.

Connect the 4-pin GFCI CT connector to the OpenEVSE board. This coil has two black wires and two orange self-test wires looped through the coil with a 4 pin connector. Orange Self test wires positioned to the inside Black GFCI CT wires to the outside.

Connect the current measurement CT to the 2 pin connector (either direction is fine).

Connect the control pilot (CP) line (see below for common colors) to the OpenEVSE pilot screw terminal connection.

OpenEVSE Quick Charge Power and Tesla PURPLE, Leviton ORANGE, Yazaki BLUE

Use a tie wrap to secure the high-voltage low-current wires with light tension. Position so that the wires are pulled away from the center screw post/seal.

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