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Insert the AC Input cable through a Cable Gland and assemble loosely into the hole in the box.

The OpenEVSE Input cables are factory terminated with sleeve ferrules. If using another input cable terminate the ends with the appropriate size sleeve ferrule.

Strip the insulation off about 3/4" of insulation, terminate with ends sleeve ferrules.

Check the color code for your country and plug type as it varies region by region. Pictures show US 3 wire (Green, White, Black). Note US 4 wire (Green, White, Black, Red) White Neutral not used and should be capped.

Insert terminated wires into lugs and tighten. The 50A kit supports both Split Phase US (Hot, Hot and Ground) and single Phase (Hot, Neutral, Ground) at a voltage of 208 - 240v AC.

Tighten the cable gland and check its integrity. Check the input wires are secure.

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