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Connect OpenEVSE AC line to the incoming AC side of the contactor. Connect OpenEVSE Ground to Ground Block.

Packard - Connect contactor coil to the OpenEVSE AC relay output (v4 middle).

Kits include a MOV V275LA20AP (red disk Metal Oxide Varistor) to reduce chatter noise created by the bouncing contactor coil.

Connect the red MOV across the AC_Relay terminals on the OpenEVSE board. This shares terminal positions with the AC Relay coil wires.

Connect OpenEVSE AC Test (v4 top block or V3 middle) to the hot line of the contactor output (J1772 side). V3 Hot only, V4 both Hot and Hot/Neutral.

Connect the Ground wire from the ground block to the OpenEVSE board.

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