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If your kit contains a Packard C240C contactor, continue here. Guide

Struthers & Dunn - Connect DC relay coil (top) with a red wire to OpenEVSE controller Relay 1/2 Common. Connect relay coil (bottom) with a black wire to Relay 2.

Connect the +RED wire of the UBEC supply to DC_Relay 1/2 Common of the DC_Relay block or the +12V ring terminal of the relay.

Connect the -BLACK wire of the UBEC supply to the Ground bar.

Connect OpenEVSE AC_Line to the incoming AC side of the contactor.

Connect OpenEVSE AC_Test to the hot line of the contactor output (J1772 side) to both Hot 1 and Hot 2/Neutral.

Connect the Ground wire from the ground block to the OpenEVSE board.

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